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cifIn 1996, CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) launched CHILDLINE, the country’s first toll-free tele-helpline for street children in distress. As of March 2015, total of 36 Million calls since inception have been serviced by CHILDLINE service and operates in 366cities/districts in 34 States/UTs through its network of over 700 partner organisations across India.

The CHILDLINE team informally developed the partnership model of Nodal, Collab and Support Organisations, charted out processed documentation, developed manuals, and has network with NGO’s across the country.

In February 2006 CHILDLINE project was recognised as a single most important project in the area of child protection and transferred for support, to the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD). Childline was asked to make recommendations to the planning commission for programmatic and budgetary allocations in the XI th Plan commencing 2007, for Child Protection. The planning commission has now mandated that CHILDLINE service should be spread across all the 596 districts of the country. Based on the recommendations CHILDLINE is being brought under the newly formulated Integrated Child Protection Service (ICPS). The Secretary MWCD is the current Chair Person of the CIF board.

The MWCD has formally recognised CHILDLINE India Foundation as the Nodal ‘Mother NGO’ for the CHILDLINE service across the country and provides direct budgetary support.

This partnership between the Government of India and CHILDLINE India Foundation is perhaps the most significant public-private partnership in the development sector and showcases how the two most important stake holders in Child Protection viz The Government of India & Civil Society can join hands to deliver a micro level service across the country.

Responsibilities of CIF

  • Provide Komal film and other material that would help Yi implement the program
  • Provide training to a team of 2-3 officers deputed by Yi, at the suitable training workshop in Mumbai;
  • Provide Komal CD copy, printed material consisting of school label sheets, letters to Parents, Posters/booklets on POCSO and copies of the training manual of the CSAAP to Yi at cost funding by Yi for the printing.
  • Facilitate Yi to interact with CHILDLINE Partners in all the 37 cities where the program is proposed through CIF’s network of Regional Offices at Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai and Delhi

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