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masoomIn 2007, the Ministry of Women and Child Development published the “Study on Child Abuse in INDIA and according to statistics, 53% kids are sexually abused in India. There seems to have been an epidemic of sexual molestation of children and newspapers are full of horrifying stories about how children are vulnerable in places where they’re supposed to be safest. Homes, schools, school buses – these are the hunting grounds for sexual predators. If children are not taught the sort of touch that is unacceptable, they will always be easy prey, especially when the molester is a trusted person.

In this context, Yi launched the Project MASOOM this year, given the fact that Yi wanted to play an active role in sensitizing children on this problem. The pilot project was launched by the Yi chapter at Trichy (also called Trichirapalli) in Tamil Nadu along with the Childline Foundation three years back.The MASOOM project was launched nationally by Kailash Satyarthi, Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize & Founder, Bachpan Bachao Andolan on 12th March 2015.

The objective of Yi’s engagement on this project is to spread awareness on Child Sexual Abuse by conducting workshops with primary school teachers, visiting schools to teach children about safe and unsafe touch, sensitize the parents about it and to spread awareness to the public through rallies & campaigns. A typical awareness session starts with the facilitators taking over the school classrooms and start with an ice breaking session. Then in a simple and lucid manner, they are taught about the parts of the body and the smart ways to keep themselves safe from the molesters.

Further to drive home the idea, animated CDs on child sex abuse are shown. Skits are performed by the cultural team comprising of members of YUVA, both for the children as well as the parents. A psychologist from Childline group then interacts with the students and parents alike busting the myths associated with this topic. Finally, material is distributed were they are asked to write down the name of their bodyguards (ie) whom they trust totally. We ask them to get it signed from them and hand it over to the teachers. In case the children are blind, such materials are given in braille.

Yi has organised various activities and impacted more than 53000 students through this session covering 150 schools pan India. This year we associated with Child line Foundation to organize joint event to sensitize students between the age of 05 -12 years on child sexual abuse under our project KOMAL.

Yi also celebrated MASOOM day on 20th November 2015. The World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse is not 19 November it is every day!!!

Responsibilities of Yi

  • Implement the school sensitization program across schools in all 37 cities where Yi Chapters are active
  • Identify and tie-up with schools for the purpose of delivering the Programs
  • Identify college lady student volunteers in each city and train them to deliver the program as per laid down protocols.
  • Organise the equipment required to screen Komal films including Computers, projectors, Komal CD copies, and other related material and ensure these are available for school sessions.
  • Deliver classroom modules in schools consisting of screening Komal film and the related classroom exercise including distribution of labels and letters to parents to all children in each class, as per protocol indicated by CIF;
  • Meet and coordinate with local CHILDLINE Partner in each of the cities and discuss with them the handling of CSA case disclosures by children following the Komal screening sessions.
  • Fund the entire program of school sensitization, as proposed by Yi, across all cities
  • Provide a report to CIF of the details of schools across all 37 locations where the sessions are completed. Report would include name, address of school, name of Principal, contact details and indicate the dates and number of sessions conducted in the school and the names and details of volunteers who conducted the sessions at each school.
  • Ensure that Yi adheres to Child Protection Protocols (CPP) as indicated by CIF while conducting the program

Proposed Activities

School Initiatives

  • Children between the age group of 5 to 12 years through screening of movie KOMAL.
  • Eco-system that interacts with this Age group – Parents, Teachers, Administration, Staff, Relatives

Other Initiatives under Masoom

  • Create awareness to the public at large through campaigns, rallies etc
  • Bring this topic into the mainstream discourse
  • Using Media for publicity
  • Universal Children Rights Day –20thNovember
  • Activities across all chapters

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